We would like to invite you to join our IRC network. We want to make it more visible, more accessible to people. We want it to become a friendly place to discuss any events, discuss our projects, or simply chat and meet new people.

When using our IRC network please be aware of the following:
- Undercover intelligence and law enforcement officers may try to pose as others on the channel.
- Who is connecting may be recorded by the National Security Agency, GCHQ, the Swedish FRA and other mass surveillance agencies that monitor international internet traffic flows.
- If you do not use tor or other forms of anonymization these agencies may be able to see that your computer is connecting to the WikiLeaks chat, although observing the content of the communications is more difficult for them.
- No one on this chat should be trusted to be who they say they are. Trust needs to be established through other mechanisms.
- Potential intelligence sources should never give identifying details about their lives to any person at any time.
- No official comment will be given over this chat and its participants do not represent WikiLeaks or any of its staff.

There are few ways to join our IRC.
- Use webchat for the one-click, easy to use chat interface available straight from your browser. You don’t need any additional programs.
- Normal IRC gateway, for everyone who’s used to an IRC client. The server address is on port 9999 (SSL enabled)
- TOR users may use one an onion address: byzxmxpylddoahaw.onion or backup address isax7s5yooqgelbr.onion. Again, port 9999 with SSL enabled.

Our IRC servers have few security and privacy features not available in other networks.
- No one, not even IRC operator, can see your real IP address. It’s simply gone and replaced by our internal network fake addresses and represented as "".
- You are connected through several layers of different servers in different countries, with random hop nodes in between.
- Your real-name and user-name (ident) are gone and not visible to server as well.
- Servers are configured in most secure and strict fashion.

We have a small, but stable user base and we hope for more people to come and stay. Channels of interest:
- #wikichat - for any WikiLeaks related chat
- #offtopic - for chat about just any topic
- #bitcoin - a channel created for our Bitcoin bot, used to gather Bitcoin donations. You can request a one-time wallet address and any BTC sent there will be accounted by us.

To join a channel, type /join #[channel-name], for example /join #offtopic.

Our chat uses SSL certificate that is subject to a change very soon, but at this time you can identify it with following fingerprints:
- SHA1: 8E 15 E9 2E 39 6F F8 32 8B 49 A1 F3 E2 E3 14 AF 10 2A B4 42
- SHA256: BF 7A E2 D5 A6 8B 1B F6 92 C2 FF 88 91 91 42 45 D4 D3 0C 6E B0 5F 93 18 04 3E 93 15 1D 3E 8B 58

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